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Welcome to Cost Effective Maintenance


Established in 1984, Cost Effective Maintenance (CEM) provides cost effective methods to correct engine problems such as oil consumption, power loss, hard starting, smoke, poor fuel consumption, blow by and chronic overheating. In 2007, CEM were granted membership status with the Australian Government's Greenhouse Challenge Plus program, which requires members to commit to energy saving pursuits.

Founder, Brid Walker has worked extensively in the mining industry to achieve fuel efficiency benefits in large open cut mining and diesel power generation equipment. He has acted as a consultant to the large Porgera gold mine, in the Central Highlands of Papua New Guinea, where because of the high altitude, diesel smoke emissions were the worst he'd seen. His recommendations resulted in dramatic reductions. With another, a large Australian bauxite mine, Walker guided them to better engine life, by focusing on changes that reduced diesel smoke particulates.


Johan Moolman worked and lived in Australia since 1998. Being a keen 4x4 enthusiast I was introduced to C.E.M products in 1999. With servicing and maintaining my own vehicles I found C.E.M's products highly effective.
With my return to South Africa in 2002 the CEM products obviously accompanied me. Being in the farming and transport industry I found the products from experience very effective in maintaining my machines and reducing unwanted downtime.
With requests from my customers and other 4x4 enthusiasts, Cost Effective Maintenance (South Africa) started. With the back up of a well established Australian company, we are in a position to provide solution based advice to common problems. Sollutions based on actual reasearch and in field experience!

Now South Africa can benifit from maintenance products that have been properly tested, are widely used, recognised and trusted by reputable companies. Case studies on this website are based on Australian client feedback. South African client feedback will be updated in the near future.


CEM do not promote magical "cure all" products, but specific, purpose built corrective maintenance solutions to a range of common engine problems.
At CEM we are solution driven, not sales driven. Once we know what your problem is, we are in a position to offer you the best advice and real solutions, at a fraction of the cost of a mechanical repair. CEM's problem solving success rate exceeds 90%.

Some of our products serve a dual role in also providing genuine performance and fuel efficiency benefits.

Engine deposits cause major problems, and many of our customers are in absolute awe of what our products do for their engines!

Our philosophy is... if you have a problem, "get things clean first"! It’s the cheapest and easiest thing to do first, and so often, that’s all that is needed!

Engine fuel economy depends on the peak flame temperature (the higher the better), and the time to complete the combustion process (the shorter the better). It is indeed rare for any fuel additive to produce fuel economy improvements in as new engines, and while it is possible for use of an injector cleaner to result in better economy, it is really a matter of restoring lost efficiency. There would be no change in a new engine which is already clean.

However, if a fuel additive does genuinely improve combustion, it will show an efficiency gain in an “as new” engine, operating under steady state, controlled laboratory conditions. FTC Decarbonizer is one such product that has been validated by numerous world recognized independent testing authorities, a small selection of which include…

University Of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)

Southwest Research Institute, Texas

Western Australia Institute of Technology

Curtin University

Brigham Young University

The most recent validation of FTC’s fuel efficiency comes from Australia’s Prof Dongke Zhang in a paper presented to the Asia Pacific Conference on Combustion (2009) in Taiwan. His work was commissioned by BHP Billiton.

FTC's action is one of chemical catalysis to achieve higher (ie closer to the ideal) peak flame temperatures and a shorter burn time. For as new automotive (diesel and petrol) applications, fuel economy improves by 2-5% depending on engine and operating duty cycle. However, few engines remain in as new condition for long, and this presents opportunities to capitalize on the inefficiencies that are created when an engine first starts to age. Efficiency gains are more likely to be of the order 6-8%, but this introduces another aspect…


Sludge and Carbon are big engine killers!

The engines below were all rebuilt at about half the expected life. But, that's probably a good thing...because they were all heading for a catastrophic, and much more expensive failure, if they kept running!

Engine destroying sludge in action. Oil starvation and seized engine are big risks here! Heavy carbon build up. The engine also had sticking piston rings, so lots of oil use and blowby! That carbon poses a high chance of grabbing a piston! Extreme carbon build up on exhaust valves. Engine failure coming up... ...guaranteed!


Below is a checklist to assist in problem identification. Individual or combined products have been found to successfully correct some of these problems.

Here's YOUR Problem CHECK LIST...

What’s the Problem??

This may solve it...

Smoke? FTC Decarbonizer, Flushing Oil Concentrate, Cleanpower Fuel Treatment
Power Loss? FTC Decarbonizer, Flushing Oil Concentrate, Cleanpower Fuel Treatment
Hard Starting? FTC Decarbonizer, Flushing Oil Concentrate, Cleanpower Fuel Treatment
Fuel Growths? FTC Decarbonizer, Flushing Oil Concentrate, Cleanpower Fuel Treatment
Rough Idle? FTC Decarbonizer, Flushing Oil Concentrate, Cleanpower Fuel Treatment
Bad Fuel Economy? FTC Decarbonizer, Flushing Oil Concentrate, Cleanpower Fuel Treatment
Blowby? FTC Decarbonizer, Flushing Oil Concentrate
Glazed Cylinder? FTC Decarbonizer
Coked up engine & exhaust? FTC Decarbonizer, Flushing Oil Concentrate
Engine Rattles & Noises? Flushing Oil Concentrate, AW10 Antiwear, FTC Decarbonizer
Dirty Fuel Pump & Injectors? Cleanpower Fuel Treatment
Overheating under load? Flushing Oil Concentrate
Sludge or filthy oil? Flushing Oil Concentrate
Sticking piston rings? Flushing Oil Concentrate
Noisy hydraulic lifters? Flushing Oil Concentrate, AW10 Antiwear
Notchy Gear changes? AW10 Antiwear
Gearbox, diff, hydraulics running hot? AW10 Antiwear
Rattles & whines? AW10 Antiwear
Tired engines, gearboxes, diffs, final drives? AW10 Antiwear, FTC Decarbonizer, Flushing Oil Concentrate, Cleanpower Fuel Treatment
Hard working engines, gearboxes, diffs, final drives? AW10 Antiwear
“I just want to give it the best protection possible!” AW10 Antiwear, FTC Decarbonizer, Flushing Oil Concentrate, Cleanpower Fuel Treatment

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